The adventure begins

Greetings, adventurer!

Though much time has passed since we last spoke, I come to you with a new tail of intrigue and wonder! A luminous portal has parted the fabric of reality, revealing the realm of Algeth. A realm suffused with magic, shrouded in mystery, and alive with the echoes of tales yet untold. A land of drakes and dragons, where the literal boundaries of time blur, where the very air hums with the power of arcane energies not seen in 10,000 years. Algeth beckons!

Will you, heed the call to rekindle friendships of old, to traverse landscapes untouched by your footsteps, and to seek the wisdom of the ages from ancient drakes and wise dragons. Will you gather your courage, your wits, and your companions, and venture forth into the fabled Dragon Isles? Aspire to become a master of Dragonriding, a completely new method of arial travel. Collect and train new dragons, and bend them to your will. Train in the ways of the Evoker learning more of the majestic dragon heritage. Explore new dungeons with your compatriots, and see what goodies they may have in store for you.

Algeth is the first Dragonflight private server, based on the 10.1.7 client. We are extremely excited to share our latest project with everyone. Weather you are return from our former Nazmir community, or joining us new, we cannot wait to see all of you in Azeroth. There is still a lot of work to do in the coming weeks before we can share a launch date, but we hope you will join us on Discord to stay up to date as new announcements are made.

The Algeth Staff!