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  3. bonjour je viens de créée un compte impossible de me connecté ou de cree un personnage je reste bloque a jouer ?? mercri
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  5. new player and just finished my install that took overnight. im now getting this with a "Error (11): needs repair. has ANYONE fixed this?
  6. Vihren97

    WoW Error

    Hello guys, I got this Error, can anyone help me out, why I keep gettin this error even if I reinstall it ?
  7. It is a long time since I played WOW, so forgive me if I overlooked something obvious. How do I start Pet Battles? I have the quests for pet battles, I have the skill to revive my battle pets, I see an animal which has "Capturable" in its tooltip and when I right click I start to attack it. My first try killed an innocent squirrel. 😞 How?
  8. https://algeth.com/bugtracker/home.php
  9. Where can we report broken quests and when are you planning to fix them? Made 3 characters and all 3 can't progress due to main quests being broken.....
  10. Yop a tous! je cherche une guilde Horde, mais j'ai l'impression, que l'on n'est pas très nombreux sur le serveur
  11. Fantastic server would love if the admins would consider making a English speaking channel. Didn't realise it was a French server and thnk it would bring more to server. Kind regards
  12. Hi guys whats are you best addons and why as im looking to install some and seeing whats out there
  13. Bonjour, je suis un peu bloquer, le jeu ne se lance pas plus loin que (voir image) J'ai déjà relancer le jeu, j'ai réinstaller et toujours bloquer au meme endroit. j'essaye d'aller sur discord et je ne vous trouve plus (depuis le changement de lanceur) Merci d'avance pour votre aide
  14. bonjour je vient d arrive j ai télécharger le jeu je le lance j ai la cinémathèque qui ce lance a la fin je met mon adresse email plus le mot de passe je reste bloque a connexion pas moyen de rentrer dans le jeu
  15. Hi, werde Horde spielen 😃, lade aber gerade das Spiel erst herunter^^. Download gerade bissle mies. 0,21mb das kann dauern XD
  16. Hello Everyone! 

    1. Tomma


      yo yo 


  17. Kraktar Lobrick: A Human Paladin's Journey in the World of Warcraft - Greetings, esteemed adventurers! Today, we delve into the heroic tale of Kraktar Lobrick, a valiant Human Paladin in the vast and mystical world of Warcraft. - Kraktar hails from the illustrious city of Stormwind, born into a family with a rich tradition of serving the Alliance. Raised with a strong sense of duty and honor, he was destined for greatness. - Trained in the ways of combat from a young age, Kraktar displayed exceptional skill with a sword and an unwavering commitment to justice. His journey began as a squire, honing his abilities under the watchful eye of seasoned paladins. - Kraktar's path led him to the sacred halls of the Cathedral of Light, where he immersed himself in the teachings of the Light. His unwavering faith and dedication earned him the title of Paladin, a divine warrior committed to protecting the innocent. - Kraktar's connection to the Light is profound. His abilities draw strength from his unyielding faith, allowing him to heal wounds, shield allies, and smite foes with righteous fury. - Kraktar Lobrick has ventured across the diverse landscapes of Azeroth, facing countless foes and aiding the Alliance in times of peril. From the snowy peaks of Dun Morogh to the haunted forests of Duskwood, his bravery knows no bounds. - Kraktar's exploits have earned him renown among his peers. Whether battling in battlegrounds, vanquishing powerful foes in dungeons, or standing firm against the Burning Legion, his courage is unmatched. - Adorned in the finest armor and wielding a blade forged in the fires of righteousness, Kraktar Lobrick stands as a symbol of the Alliance's might. His gear tells a tale of battles won and challenges overcome. - Beyond his individual prowess, Kraktar is a natural leader. He has forged bonds of camaraderie with fellow adventurers, inspiring them to face adversity with courage and honor. - In the annals of Warcraft, Kraktar Lobrick's name echoes as a beacon of hope and justice. His journey continues, and as long as the Alliance stands, he remains an indomitable force for good in the world of Azeroth. Q&A - Now, let's open the floor for any questions you may have about Kraktar Lobrick, the valiant Human Paladin.
  18. Hi, i also play in the firestorm sever, there is a way to play in both server without have two warcrafts in my pc?. thanks
  19. I don’t know if it’s correct or not, but the problem is that I had Outland engineering rolled in and somehow on the way to Stromgrad, I studied Cataclysm engineering, after that I couldn’t buy recipes from the profession teacher, I had 20 points for the recipe, but he still refused to teach me the recipe, marking the number 20 in red
  20. JA, es gibt einige deutsche Spieler
  21. Hallo zusammen gibt es hier auch Deutsche Spieler? Wenn ja wo seid ihr Horde oder Allianz?
  22. Ah super ! 🙂 et bah va pour la guilde si on trouve du monde et on vas être deux sa fais un petit moment aussi que j'ai pas jouer 😆
  23. Hello , don´t know if anyone has this problem or not but after i istalled i try to log in and says an error " you have been disconected"  , help please , i wnted to playimage.thumb.png.9fa6e1f6451a175cdd739bc3f0a5c8b2.png

  24. Hello a vous je suis du coter aussi a² mais j ai un petit probleme xD je sait pas ou xp car cela fait un petit moment que je n est plus jouer a wow ' 3.3.5 ' x))
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