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Installation Guide (English)


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Greetings and welcome to the Algeth community!
For a hassle-free start, follow the steps below to join other players in game. 

Before starting, if you haven’t yet, create an account.


  • Place the downloaded “AlgethLauncher.exe” in a new empty folder named “Algeth”.
  • (Optional: Create a shortcut and place it on your desktop. To do so, right click on AlgethLauncher.exe and select the "Send to>Desktop" option.)
  • Launch "AlgethLauncher.exe" from the new folder you’ve created. 
  • Log into the launcher using your Algeth.com account email and password before selecting your preferred language.



  • Click on the “Play” button, select either the minimal or full client and select the “Algeth’ folder you’ve created, which also contains the launcher.



  • Wait until the required files download completely.
  • Once your game is downloaded click on the “Play” button to launch it.
  • Login using your Algeth account email and password and have fun!

If you encounter any issue while installing the game, please open a support ticket on our Discord by clicking on the "Create Ticket" button in the #ticket-support channel. A game master will then be able to assist you.


  • You may create a shortcut for the launcher and place it on your desktop. (Make sure you do create a shortcut and not actually duplicate your launcher.
  • The minimal client will allow you to get in game faster but will download the remaining data while you play. The full client will download the complete data before launching the game, which may take longer but will not download any data while you play.
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